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Why should I buy the plug lock when I can use a standard 3 pin BS1363 plug for many years without problems ?

The plug lock as well as being able to be used as a normal plug, has other uses over and above a standard 3 pin BS1363 plug. The plug lock is a standard 3 pin plug, the only difference is the earth pin (which can still be used in a fault condition) locks the plug into the socket.

As well as powering up your appliance just like a normal 3 pin plug, it can also protect the appliance from theft, from disconnection and stop any unwanted use of the appliance.

Now the above applies when the plug lock is attached to a cable, but the plug lock can also be used to isolate power sockets and not be attached to a cable.

Ok, let me explain, think about public places, airports, pubs and cafes where people are working with there laptop or mobile phone and then suddenly they need to charge up the laptop or mobile, well if the plug is locked in the socket (attached to an appliance or not), then it can't be removed and your electricity bill will be slightly cheaper.

Now lets talk about safety, again a public place, children are present, be it a play group, theatre lobby, sunday lunch at a pub, eating outside where there is always an electrical socket present in all these places. Wouldn't it be nice to know that the plug socket is 100% locked and no one can fit anything into the earth pin and press down the live and neutral shutters, steal electricity or even electrocute themselves.

What about the maintenance department for shopping malls or super markets, an appliance has gone faulty and tripped a fuse or circuit breaker, this has been reset by the engineer but the appliance is too heavy to move, what do you do, well you can take the fuse out of the plug, you can take the plug off or you can just lock the plug out of the socket using the plug lock.

Imagine this, you are an engineer for a large office block and you have some equipment that when unplugged it looses its settings or even disrupts communication to the main server computer. Someone has a problem with there computer or a cleaner is working out of hours and removes the wrong plug from the socket, wouldn't it have been easier to have a plug that can't be removed.

Builders are working at your premises and they remove a plug to charge or use there drill, they leave and forget to put the plug back in the socket, if this was a freezer then i think you wished you had bought a locking plug.

You have an extension lead with low amperage items attached, TV, video, games machine and then you daughter decides to unplug one of the items and plug in her hair dryer and then the fuse blows (too much current) and everything is off and needs to be reset, plug lock would have stopped this.

Imagine if your aquarium be it marine life or tropical and the pump or heater is removed as your kids was using the socket for something else, i think it would have been better to lock the plug into the socket.

Ok its holiday time and you are away for 2 weeks, and unfortunately you have visitors, they may still take your hi-fi equipment and games console, but they will have to cut the plug off to do this.

For any fixed appliance you have to pay for an electrician to wire a fused spur direct to the main consumer unit or behind a socket outlet (if no spur has already been wired to that socket on a ring main), no need use the plug lock.

The above are only a few cases that the plug lock can prove useful, there are plenty more uses for the plug lock compared to a normal 3 pin plug, see our Pros / Cons and have a look at our online shop.

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